Kenneth E. Clow
Professor of Marketing
University of Louisiana at Monroe
Biedenharn Endowed Chair in Business
Welcome to my ULM website.

On this page are links to various resources for the classes I teach and books authored as well links to social media pages, blogs and websites of personal interest that I maintain.

Dr. Clow's Email

ULM Courses I Teach
Clow Marketing IMC Campaigns Logo In the Integrated Marketing Campaigns (MRKT 4011) course students create an integrated campaign for a fictitious brand. Some of the material created will appear on the course's website.
Clow Marketing Digital Marketing Logo In the Digital Marketing (MRKT 4012) students learn various facets of online marketing, especially search engine marketing. Students will create a website with pages of personal interest. 
My Textbooks

Integrated Advertising textbook ClowClow James Marketing ResearchFetchko, Roy, and Clow Sports MarketingClow Lascu Essentials of MarketingMarketing Management Text - Clow
Written with Don Baack
Published by Pearson
2018 Copyright
8th Edition
Written with Karen James
Published by Textbook Media
2016 Copyright
2nd Edition
Written with Michael Fetchko and Don Roy
Published by Routledge (Taylor & Francis)
2013 Copyright
  1st Edition
Written with Dana Lascu
Published by Textbook Media
2015 Copyright
5th Edition
Published by Textbook Media
2017 Copyright
5th Edition

My Blogs

This blog provides information on articles and videos related to advertising, promotions, and marketing communications. It can be used to supplement  classroom lectures or provide material for assignments. Clow Baack IMC Blog Logo

This blog provides articles, videos, surveys, and datasets that can be used in marketing research. The information can be used to supplement classroom lectures or provide material for assignments. Clow James Marketing Research Blog Logo

This blog provides links to articles and videos that can be used with the 5th edition of the Principles of Marketing textbook co-authored with Dana Lascu. It can be used to supplement classroom lectures or as student assignments. Clow Lascu Essentials of Marketing Logo

My Personal Websites

Author Created Website
Integrated Advertising, Promotion, and Marketing Communications textbook
7th Edition
Clow Baack IMC Website logo

Author Created Website
Essentials of Marketing Research textbook
1st Edition
Clow James Marketing Research Website Logo

Antique Tractor Club
located in
Northeast Louisiana
Clow Marketing BRATP Website Logo

Antique Tractor Club
located in
Winnfield, Louisiana
Clow Marketing NLVTC Website Logo

Old Car Club
located in
West Monroe, Louisiana
Clow Marketing MSROCC Website Logo